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18 February 1979
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30 seconds to mars, adam lambert, alexander skarsgård, boyd holbrook, brian&justin, brothers&sisters, chad michael murray, criminal minds, fringe, gale harold, jared leto, music, queer as folk, randy harrison, reading, simon baker, sons of anarchy, supernatural, take that, the mentalist, true blood, white collar, writing
"mourn the losses because they are many, but
celebrate the victories because they are few"
Myself: My name is Manuela, I'm 30, Italian. I'm shy, loyal, a little bit crazy. I'm a helpless romantic, waiting for the love of my life. I love my family and my friends, there's almost nothing I wouldn't do for them. I respect everyone's opinion but I can't stand intollerance and hate for people who are different then ourselves. I love reading and music, I can't stay without my iPod. I'm admittedly a Queer As Folk fanfiction addict.
My passions: Queer As Folk, 30 Seconds To Mars, Criminal Minds, Brothers&Sisters.
My ships: Brian&Justin (Queer As Folk), Kevin&Scotty (Brothers&Sisters), Peter&Olivia (Fringe).
My favorite celebrities: Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Boyd Holbrook, Jared Leto, Chad Michael Murray, Adam Lambert, Matt Bomer, Matthew Gray Gubler.
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